Feb. 6th, 2012

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So mad at this teacher... same one I complained about yesterday. We have the midterm in that class tomorrow. The first suck is that he decided to have a paper due on the same day as the midterm, but I can handle that. So I finished my paper and was doing my last bit of studying for the night when he sends an email to the class at 9pm. This email says he forgot to mention some things that will be on the midterm. He gave us the names of 6 companies and wants us to spend 15 minutes on each company researching their corporate histories, at least one of these companies will be on the midterm and we'll need to discuss in depth how their corporate decisions relate to system analysis. Again, this was sent at 9pm tonight... the midterm is at 8:30am tomorrow. What the fuck is wrong with him?? I have to wake up at 6am to be there on time, there's no way I'll have time to research and study these companies in the morning before class. I'm done studying, my brain is fried, I'm exhausted and I want to sleep. I will not do well on the stupid test at all if I don't sleep.

ETA: I just remembered that in class today he said he hadn't written the midterm yet. This means he either just finished writing it and decided to include this crap for god knows what reason or, even more likely, he never got around to writing it and is using a midterm from a previous year, he just realized this stuff is on the midterm he's using and decided to give us a heads up.

I can not wait for teacher evaluations.


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